Takeaways of the ABRATES Conference

Following our mission to promote the region by participating actively in industry events, we could not miss the 7th. International Conference organized by the Brazilian Association of Translators (ABRATES) in Rio de Janeiro (cidade maravilhosa) this past June 3-5.

Over 600 people, 90 presentations and 7 different tracks were the main ingredients of this event, which succeeded at catering the needs of a heterogeneous crowd made up of students, freelance translators, academia, MT experts, CAT tool representatives and translation companies. Not an easy task!

How to Grow with GALA

Rosario Traducciones y Servicios and SpeakLatam, both members of Translated in Argentina, did an amazing job at presenting at the Globalization & Localization Association (GALA) session hosted by one of GALA Ambassadors, Fabiano Cid (Ccaps). The presentation discussed the economic crisis in Argentina, compared it to the crisis in Brazil, analyzed the missed opportunities so that our neighbors can capitalize on the experience, and shared how these two companies were able to overcome these obstacles when selling abroad. Gabriela Morales, Owner at Rosario Traducciones y Servicios, shared her expertise from the “sales” perspective while Eugenia, Operations Manager at Speaklatam, did so from the “costs” perspective. Fabiano and Lilian triggered a very lively discussion and gave all of us the Brazilian point of view.

Gabriela Morales, Rosario Traducciones y Servicios

The following day, Gabriela gave a presentation on how to manage a translation company, which allowed attendees to capitalize on her experience of more than 20 years in this industry. It was a very open presentation about her company and her views about the market, the competition, differentiation factors, and overall strategy. She shared her perspective on the changes in the concept of quality and how we need to adapt to the continuous changes.

Eugenia dealt with freelancer sales techniques and what is right and wrong from Speaklatam’s perspective. With the aid of real life examples, she stressed the importance of targeting the right type of client, communication, trust and credibility, among others. The most important takeaway of her presentation was that no matter what size, one should never stop selling.

Eugenia Echave, Speaklatam

The 7th ABRATES Conference was a great surprise and a huge success: a well-attended conference with a wide variety of people, plenty of interesting presentations and a flawless organization. See you at the next one!

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